Surface Pro 3 128GB now ships June 30th, pushed back 10 days due to strong demand?

Microsoft’s 12-inch Surface Pro 3 tablet was set to ship by June 20th for those who pre-ordered the device. However, it appears that Microsoft has pushed back this date by 10 days for those who pre-order the device after today. The device will now ship by June 30th.

This new ship date only applies to new orders of a specific model – Surface Pro 3 128GB / Intel i5. The 256GB model is still set to ship by June 20th, while the rest of the models will ship by August. 

As our tipster pointed out, this could be due to massive demand of the 128GB model. Thats one explanation. Microsoft likely didn’t anticipate such a demand for that particular model, only having a limited supply in stock.

Unlike the previous generations of Surface, we have yet to see the Surface Pro 3 go “out of stock.” In the past, we had issues were the Microsoft Store would go out of stock routinely as either demand was high or the stock was very low.

Not to be outdone, Microsoft lowered the price of the Surface Pro 2 by $100 to $200 for all the models. The entry level Surface Pro 2 now costs as much as the entry level Surface Pro 3 – $799.

Thanks anonymous for sending this in!