Surface Pro 3 to receive battery charging update prior to launch

Unveiled just over a week ago, the Surface Pro 3 is due to launch in June although it is already available for pre-order. Even though the device is yet to hit the stores, review units have already shown signs of problems with charging up.

Reviewers such as ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley complained on Twitter that the charger did not appear to be working:

The problem means that the unit fails to turn on even when connected to the power supply, and there seem to have been several instance of the same issue. But there’s no need to let this put you off pre-ordering your own Surface Pro 3, as a fix is already in the works and will be available before launch day (GA or General Availability), as revealed in a tweet by Jordan Guthmann who looks after the review side of things for PR firm Waggener Edstrom.

So whether you have your Surface Pro 3 reserved or you are on the verge of pre-ordering one, you now know that there will be at least one update to install the first time you switch on!