Surface RT currently the most popular Surface device to run Windows Store apps

According to new data from AdDuplex, Microsoft’s first generation Surface RT is currently the most popular Surface device to run Windows Store apps. The Surface 2 (second generation) is in second place, while the Surface Pro (first generation) comes in third place.

“It’s important to mention that our data is collected from almost 800 apps in the Windows Store and it’s safe to assume that these apps are used more on the tablets (and especially Windows RT tablets) than on traditional PCs and laptops, so the data is skewed towards tablet and touchscreen PCs. Having said that, it should provide a good overview of the ecosystem as a whole and specifically for developers building Windows Store apps,” AdDuplex stated.

The data shows that the Surface RT accounts for 76.5 percent of Microsoft tablet devices that run Windows Store apps, although this domination has been shrinking as the months go by. The Surface 2 has a meager 11.8 percent while the Surface Pro accounts for 6 percent. The newer Surface Pro 2 currently accounts for 4.6 percent, while the Nokia Lumia 2520 Windows RT device accounts for 1 percent. 

This data pretty much tells us that the original Surface RT is the most popular when it comes to running Windows Store apps. Microsoft is expected to unveil a newer Surface device tomorrow, so stay tuned!