Take a sick day and go mountain biking with the Nokia Lumia Icon

The Lumia Icon has received a lot of attention since the phone launched on the Verizon network, largely improving on the 928, which the carrier also sold. While Nokia has been a bit busy recently being bought up by Microsoft, it hasn’t stopped the company from continuing its unique ad campaigns, this time showing the Icon’s video features.

The video is called “Sick Day”, which is a bit of play on words, but you’ll have to watch the entire minute long video to get exactly why.

The ad focuses on a mountain biking trip and was filmed using the Icon, through a combination of a helmet-mounted handset, along with a third-party stationed by the side of the trail. The video is 1080p, and is quite stunning, both due to image quality and the stunts displayed during the clip.

You can check out the video below. Perhaps it will inspire you to head out onto the trails, but Nokia also hopes it makes you buy an Icon before you take the trip.