Test your archery skills in Archery Master, a simple app for Windows 8.1

Archery Master is a fantastic app for Windows 8.1 that offers a floating target, giving players 20 arrows to make a bull’s eye. Each time you have a successful hit, the arrows get replenished. Published by Croys Apps, bow and arrow enthusiasts with love playing with this clever app on their mobile devices. 

“This is a casual archery game. Aim the target and hit the center. Be a Robin Hood. Simple and fun game for children or spend time. The objective of the game is hit the middle of target with the arrow. You will receive 20 arrow, and will gain another arrow every time that you hit the yellow circle,” the app description reads.

If you are a fan of Angry Birds, Paper Toss, or any sports games, you will enjoy Archery Master. “Archery Master has distilled the sport down to its essential elements, making it easy for anyone to play,” says Bruno Felthes, CEO of Croys Apps.  “The versatility of the Windows 8.1 tablet lends itself to the clean movement of the game, giving it added accuracy.”

Hit the download link below to snag the app! Enjoy.