Test your fast finger skills and mow down undead hillbillies in GunFinger for Windows Phone

Test your fast finger skills and mow down hordes of undead hillbillies in GunFinger for Windows Phone

How fast are your finger skills when it comes to mowing down hordes of undead hillbillies? Check out GunFinger for Windows Phone, a free game that that offers an awesome shooting adventure on phone and tablet! All you have to do is use your finger to point at a zombie to fire your weapon. Your aim makes all the difference.

The game features some of the most awesome 3D graphics you'll see on a phone or tablet. It supports cutting edge effects like real-time reflections, shadows, and normal maps. You can customize an arsenal of unique weapons - including shotguns and sniper rifles - to take down undead monsters, rescue civilians, and complete increasingly challenging skill missions.

The Daily Challenge mode lets you enjoy playing a new mission every day if you become bored with the missions. There are over seventy missions set across locations including spooky farmsteads, desert canyons and underground mines. Fight zombies, monsters, and even rubber ducks!

The game is free to play and you can purchase in-game items via an in-app purchase. You can turn off the payment features by disabling the in-app purchases via your device's settings.

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