Throw axes with your finger to slay foul beasts in Max Axe for Windows 8.1

Well, this is an interesting game for Windows 8.1. Max Axe is a simple yet addictive game that allows you to throw axes to slay beats and earn points. The game features tons of cool stuff you can unlock, along with an intense fast-paced action and radical cartoonish visuals. The environment is destructible and the more you destroy, the bigger your combos are!

“Tired of lame-axe games? Get ready for Max Axe! Throw axes with your finger to slay foul beasts, collect redonkulous¬†treasure and score billions of points to outrank your friends!¬†Max Axe blends 100% pure arcade frenzy with humor, crazy combos, and absolutely bonkers high-speed action like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Take on the role of Max, a Viking barbarian berserker on a quest for total destruction, massive loot and of course, princesses,” the app description reads.

The game also features funny sound effects and original chiptune music. See if you can reach a high score and if your friends can beat it! Take a look at the video below to see it in action. Hit the download link to snag the app for Windows 8.1, its free!