The top five free and paid apps in the Windows Phone Store as of January 26th

There is no doubt that the Windows Phone platform continues to grow with popular apps being added to the Store. We’ve seen quite a few new apps make their debut, only to establish themselves in a top position in the Windows Phone Store. Let’s explore the top apps available right now.

Instagram Beta, Facebook, Kik Messenger, Pandora, and Adobe Reader – these are the top five free apps in the Windows Phone Store as of January 26th. In the top five paid category, we have myBattery, WallPapers HD, Reading Lens, Running Mate, and Chromox.

In the top-free category, we have Instagram Beta, which has established itself as the top free app for weeks now. Unfortunately, the last time this app was updated was 12/20/2013 and still needs work. The third-party alternative, 6tag, has dropped down to the twenty-fourth spot in the category. In the top-paid category, we have several new apps that have taken the top spots. Let’s take a look at them below.

myBattery – this app runs for $1.99 and is a simple app that shows you your battery life indicator in a Live tile on your home screen or on your lock screen. You can even see a detailed history of your battery’s performance. WallPapers HD – this app runs for $0.99 and is a simple app that allows you to download free high-def wallpapers for your Windows Phone device.

Reading Lens – this app runs for $0.99 and provides a custom camera Lens to help with reading small text, even in the dark. Running Mate​ – available for $1.29​, this app ​is a GPS based fitness app which helps you track and analyze your workouts. This app is perfect for those who enjoy cycling, running, or walking. This app is also a great motivational tool by offering unlockable medals as achievements.

Chromox – this browser for Windows Phone runs for $0.99 and offers a “Windows 8” style interface, complete with a Google Chrome logo. While we are not sure exactly what makes this app so popular, it could be the fact that the Chrome logo is a bit deceiving, making it appear to be an official Chrome browser for Windows Phone. Regardless, it is a popular app in the Windows Phone Store.

What new apps have you tried out recently?