The top five free, paid, and trending Windows Phone apps as of May 18th

The Windows Phone Store is home to over 250,000 apps worldwide. Let’s take a look at the Windows Phone Store and see which apps are at the top of the charts when it comes to the free, paid, and trending categories. You might even discover your new favorite app!

Currently in the Windows Phone Store, the top-five free apps in the United States are OneDrive, Facebook, Messenger, Pandora, and Music (also known as Xbox Music). The top-five paid apps are Movie Maker 8.1, Start Perfect, SuperPhoto, Metrotube, and Melodia. The top-five trending apps are Zello, Time of my Life, VoiceWake Lite, Transparent Icons, and Theme+.

Let’s take a look at some of the new apps that are available in the Windows Phone Store, sent to us by their respective app developers.

Old School Racer 2 (free) – This app for Windows Phone 8 was recently released to the Windows Phone Store and features decent 2D graphics. Gravity plays a huge role in this game, as it will pull you up or down as you are trying to pass the level. The world itself will morph at different parts of the game, creating extra paths, platforms, jumps, drops, etc, to help you or prevent you from passing the level.

“Old School Racer there are sections where gravity will pull and speed you up or down, you may even find yourself playing the level upside down at times. Not only that we have a brand new mechanic added to the game……MORPHING! The world will literally morph at times creating extra paths, platforms, jumps and drops to help or possibly hinder your performance,” the app description reads.

The game features bikes, motorbikes, quad bikes, and buggies. As you level up more will be unlocked to you and your stats will increase giving you an edge to beat the leaderboards or attempt to dominate multiplayer. There is no level cap. There are also vehicle mods, so you can improve your favorite vehicles with increased acceleration, brakes, top speed or boost.

This game reminds me of a hybrid between Rayman and Hill Climb Racing. Definitely worth checking out!

Catch a Hex (free) – this free game for Windows Phone is very simple. Tap on a hexagon before they get disappear at the bottom of the screen. Sounds easy, right? 

“There’s hexagons in this game and you can tap them if you want. Well you should tap them or you’ll lose. There’s four different playmodes. Like whack-a-mole but with hexagons. Tap them before they disappear,” the app description reads.

Lab Links (free) – Lab Links is a new, fun, and addictive puzzle game where you are the apprentice to a mad scientist who sets you on the task of powering up and fixing his weird and wonderful machines.

Lab Links is an interesting game where you must race against the clock, fend off pesky rats, work around unexpected obstacles, and even try to save the world. Here are the key features of this game:

  • Full game with multiple twists and turns, eye-catching graphics, and fun cut scenes
  • Fully functioning store to unlock crazy, mad fashion, and futuristic rat-zapping tools
  • Multiple in-game achievements to collect for major bragging rights
  • Three extra game modes to purchase for countless hours of fun

Hot or Not (free) – Hot or Not is the original game that lets you see the Hottest people around and lets them see you. All you have to do is download the app, login via Facebook, upload a picture, and begin the game! This app is brand new and also works on Windows Phone 8.1.

Hot or Not is the original game that lets you check people out, be checked out, and see the Hottest people around. Hot or Not will show you how popular you and your friends are, as well as a list of the hottest people nearby, wherever you may be; at a music festival, on college campus, or hanging out in the city. It’s the only app using votes of its users to create dynamic lists of the hottest people.

This app has already been available on iOS and Android, but is now available for Windows Phone as well.

Blam! (free) – This app provides you with a feed of web comics. In Blam! You can scroll through some of the most popular web comics and receive notifications when new content in the live tile is available in your bookmarks. If your webcomic is not in the list, you can try to download an updated list of comics from the web or simply add it yourself in three easy steps.