The top Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8 apps as of April 13th

It’s Sunday, April 13th, and its time to take a look at the top (or best) Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 apps available right now in the respective app stores. Let’s see which of your favorite apps are at the top of the lists this week!

Currently, the Windows Store has over 154,000 apps available worldwide. The top-five free apps available in the United States are Facebook, FIFA 14, Skype, Asphalt 8 Airborne, and Netflix. The top-five paid apps available in the United States are Halo Spartan Assault, Plex, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, Wheel of Fortune, and App for Pandora.

The Windows Phone Store, on the other hand, has over 250,000 apps available. During Build 2014, we learned that both the Window Store and Windows Phone Store have reached 400,000 apps combined. The top-five free apps available in the United States are Nokia Creative Studio, Nokia Cinemagraph, Pandora, Facebook, and Messenger. The top-five paid apps available in the United States are Flashlight+, Metrotube, Movie Box, toib,​

Let’s take a look at some of these apps that have made it to the top of the charts this week.

Zombie Tsunami (free) – This is a free app that is already available on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Currently trending in the Windows Store, Zombine Tsunami is one heck of a fun zombie game.

“The zombies are revolting! In Zombie Tsunami, take your place in a crowd of rampaging undead as you race through the city attacking the unfortunate survivors and adding them to your unstoppable throng of hungry, hot-footed horrors. It’s a Zombie Tsunami out there, and everyone is invited!” the app description reads. Here are the key features of this app:

  • Add as many zombies to your hoard as you can.
  • Frantic flesh-eating fun for all the family!
  • Keep going as long as at least one zombie is still running (and it doesn’t have to be the zombie you started with).
  • Collect 8 different power-ups and bonuses to run further and destroy more.
  • Turn over cars, buses, vehicles and tanks to eat the survivors inside.
  • 300+ different missions to devour.
  • 9 worldwide locations to stampede your zombies through.

Take a look at the video embedded below showcasing the game in action:

Plex ($4.99) – Plex is one of the top-five paid apps right now in the Windows Store, and runs for $4.99. The app organizes all of your personal media, wherever you keep it, so you can enjoy it on any device. With Plex, you can easily stream your videos, music, photos and home movies to your Windows device from your home computers running Plex Media Server. Here are the key features of Plex:

  • Play video from your network
  • Play music from your network
  • View photos from your network
  • Play multimedia content from online channels
  • Play video from your online queue
  • Play video recommended by your friends

One of the biggest features of Plex is the app’s ability to make your media beautiful with rich descriptions, artwork, and other metadata. The app automatically converts your media on the fly so it can play on any device.

McDonald’s (free) – If you love eating at McDonald’s, you will be happy to hear that the UK now has its official McDonald’s app. With this free app, you can search for your nearest UK McDonald’s, get directions to any McDonald’s location and see opening times, as well as save your favourite restaurants into a list.

Boxcryptor (free) – If you are looking for a free solution to secure your files in the cloud, then check out Boxcryptor. “With Boxcryptor, you can encrypt your files before uploading them to Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and many other providers without sacrificing safety, privacy, or comfort. Easily encrypt your files locally and access them via your smartphone – anywhere and anytime. Your cloud provider only receives encrypted files and you keep control of your data!” the app description reads.

Gym Radio (free) – Currently trending in the Windows Phone Store is an app called GYM Radio. This app is described as the only fitness app that plays highly motiviating music that never stops. All you have to do is press play and hit it hard! If you are looking to add an interesting boost to your workout, check it out!

Stay tuned for next week’s Windows Store and Windows Phone Store highlight! Did you discover your new favorite app this week? Let us know in the comments below!