Twin Moons app for Windows 8.1 is a thrilling hidden object adventure game with beautiful visuals

Looking for a cool new game for Windows 8.1? Check out Twin Moons, which is a thrilling hidden object adventure game. The game is free and you can unlock the full adventure via an in-app purchase. The game features beautiful graphics and weighs in at 462.7MB in size.

“Reveal shocking secrets from the past and save the future in this thrilling hidden object adventure! Jack, a researcher at the isolated Twin Moons Institute, has no memory following a car accident. But a few fuzzy flashbacks suggest he participated in some kind of dangerous experiment. Help Jack find answers to his numerous questions and decide whether his friends, colleagues and even his fiancee are worthy of his trust. Explore eerie locations and piece together the truth about a mysterious portal that could change the world as we know it!” the app description reads.

The game is simple and there are hints available if you happen to get stuck in any one of the fifty-one creepy and enigmatic levels. There are also twenty challenging mini-games to master and eighteen achievements to unlock. Not only is there an intriguing storyline and vivid characters, but there are also two alternate endings in which you can choose from!

This game is very addicting and we found ourselves playing it for quite a while. Head over to the download link below to snag the game and let us know how you like it!