Twitter apparently testing Bing language translation on the official Twitter app for Android

Twitter already uses Microsoft’s Bing translation service on the official Twitter website, along with the official Twitter Windows Phone app, but it seems that Twitter is working on doing the same thing on the official Android app too. According to a new report, Twitter is testing Bing translation on the Android app (see screenshot below), but the company has yet to offer any official statement on the matter.

This move to offer Bing translation to the Twitter app for Android makes perfect sense, as CNET points out. Twitter already provides language translation on other operating systems, and translation is a big deal for the service as it continues to gain popularity and growth internationally. Perhaps we might even see this popping up on the iPhone app as well.

No one knows if Twitter has chosen Microsoft as a partner when it comes to language translation, or if the service is simply trying out Bing. Perhaps we might even see Google Translate used as an experiment to see how it works. Translating a tweet that contains up to 140 characters, full off abbreviations and hashtags can be a tough one. Hopefully Bing is up to the task.