UK Police now using a new Windows 8-powered facial recognition system

The UK’s police force, specifically the Leicestershire Police, has become the first police force in the country to make use of a new facial recognition software to help track down criminals. Compared to the older system which the police force used, the new system, powered by Windows 8, is much more efficient and can automatically match faces taken from any digital image in a matter of seconds.

The Force also mentioned that they had to search for possible matches manually on the older system, which they said could take several hours do, naturally.

Judging from the image released by the Leicestershire Police department, the new facial recognition system, called ‘NeoFace’ by NEC is presented as a Windows 8 Modern UI app, and upon closer inspection looks pretty straightforward as it follows the Modern design principles. NeoFace is also multipurpose and can be used in a number of different scenarios such as for access control and pervasive monitoring.

Take a look at it in action via the embedded video below.