Universal apps for Windows now supporting consolidated and simplified price tiers

During Build 2014, Microsoft revealed “universal apps” which allows developers to create apps that will work on all forms of Windows device without the need for changes to be made to code. Microsoft revealed today that universal apps for Windows now supports consolidated and simplified price tiers.

Starting this week, Microsoft has rolled out a consolidated and simplified price tier structure, as part of a behind the scenes infrastructure change to go along with the announcement of universal apps. As a result, the following changes are now visible to developers:

  • Simplify app pricing for developers by providing a single set of price tiers across Windows and Windows Phone, necessary to support universal Windows apps
  • Increase developer opportunity by adding $0.99 and $1.29 (USD) price points for Windows; apps priced in this range represent 55% of Windows Phone paid transactions today

If you are an app developer, you may have already noticed that your app prices have changed just a tad bit as a result of this announcement. In fact, Microsoft states that in some cases, the app price might be higher or lower. Head over to the Dev Center to review your app pricing.

Microsoft has also made adjustments for local factors including changes in foreign exchange rates, taxes and market-specific pricing customs. Additional changes are expected next week, so stay tuned.