Unofficial delivers HTML5 Xbox One games, gets thumbs up from Major Nelson

On the lookout for a few new games for your Xbox One? For a change, there’s no need to part with any money! provides access to an online collection of games that can be accessed through the Xbox One’s Internet Explorer app, and can be played using the console’s controller.

All of the games that are feature on the site have been tried and tested to ensure that they work correctly with a controller, and there are quite a few titles to choose from. Yeah, OK, so none of the games are going to blow you away — don’t expect to be playing the latest version of Halo in your browser.

Despite the fact this is not an officially sanctioned cite, it still gets the thumbs up from Major Nelson. Larry Hryb tweeted about the site more than once, first announcing its existence and then giving a little detail about its purpose.

You heard the man! Go and check it out! You’ll find an interesting collection of pick-up-and-play games that you can use to kill a few hours here and there. Classic names such as Pac Man and Cut The Rope are all present and correct — are there any old favorites you’d like to see added?