Upcoming Windows Phone 8 update to be called Portico instead of Apollo Plus?

Not that long ago, we learned about an upcoming update to Windows Phone 8, codenamed Apollo Plus. This update was slated to be a minor update that added bug fixes and new features to make the Windows Phone 8 platform complete. Now, we are learning that this update will be called Portico.

wp8_3 Upcoming Windows Phone 8 update to be called Portico instead of Apollo Plus?

“The label is evidently keeping in the Microsoft tradition of Windows Phone OS codenames ending in -o, including NoDo (7.x), Mango (7.5), Tango (7.5 Refresh) and Apollo (8.0). We’re unsure if the name was chosen for its meaning, although the concept of a portico being an extension on a house certainly fits the idea behind the update, which is thought to augment the capabilities of Windows Phone 8,” the report states. This update is slated to be announced in February during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. No other details have been revealed just yet about what Microsoft plans on calling this update, but WPCentral believes this rumor to be accurate. Microsoft is expected to add VPN support to Windows Phone 8, via this new update. This will allow corporate users to connect to work systems. There will also be a WiFi connection fix as well as audio enhancements.

  • Douche Bag

    They Need to hurry up because the syncing issues and the reboot issues are kiling this OS. hopefully the update can also fix some battery issues. we shall see.

    • http://www.uglybabystudios.com/ JasonGW

      What syncing issues? I’ve heard some folks had a reboot issue, but on my Lumia 920 I haven’t seen that. So far my battery life is exceptionally good, actually.