Visiting Google using Windows and Internet Explorer? Expect to be prompted to use Chrome

By default, Windows comes with Internet Explorer as the web browser — unless you live in Europe, in which case you’re prompted to choose between several browsers. Thanks to this, most average users stick with IE, while many techie folks simply use it to install either Chrome or Firefox. Now Google is targeting those regular customers. 

IE web surfers who visit Google’s site to search for something are now finding an interesting prompt to the right of the search box. The wording is very straight-forward — “A faster way to browse on Windows. Install Google Chrome.”

Clicking the link will result in a page prompting the installation of both Chrome and the Google search app. There are even instructions for how to put them on your Start screen. 

Google prompting users to switch browsers isn’t entirely new, but the specific targeting of Internet Explorer is new. It’s hard to say how many people will actually take advantage or disadvantage of the prompt and make the switch.