Visual Studio Tools for Unity 1.9 released, features faster startup, debugger, and more

Microsoft has released an updated Visual Studio Tools for Unity add-on, adding a few new features and bug fixes with the update. If you are a game developer, read on to find out more about this update.

For those that did not know, Visual Studio Tools for Unity (VSTU) is Microsoft’s free Visual Studio add-on that enables a rich programming and debugging experience for working with the Unity gaming tools and platform. This is Microsoft’s first release since the acquisition of SyntaxTree, and the company is excited that they can reach out to the Unity development community with Visual Studio.

SyntaxTree was the original developer of the UnityVS Visual Studio add-on for developers building games on the Unity framework. Now known as Visual Studio Tools for Unity, this news is a major step forward for game developers who utilize Microsoft’s Visual Studio software.

Here are the key improvements to Visual Studio Tools for Unity v1.9:

  • Faster debugger. Attaching and detaching the debugger as well as expanding local variables is now faster.
  • Faster startup. Opening VSTU projects is now faster.
  • Better handling of C# constructs. The local variables window is now properly populated when debugging iterators or when variables are accessed inside closures.
  • Start your game and your debugging session in one click. You can now attach the debugger and start the game by simply changing the debug target. This is only available in Visual Studio 2012 and 2013.
  • Many more new features and bug fixes

Hit the download link below to snag the updated version. You can also check out the complete change log by heading over to the VIA link below.