VLC app for Windows 8 set to fix startup crash and stability issues in upcoming update

VLC for Windows 8 was finally made available to the Windows Store, albeit in Beta, just a few days ago. Now, the app is set for its first update, which is great news for those of you who have been supporting this project since day one.

“After the first beta release a couple of days ago, a second build fixing the most important crashes has been submitted to the store, for certification. It should notably fix the crash on start, on some machines, but other stability issues, on the music side too!” Kempf stated.

The update has yet to be released, but at least we know that progress is finally being made to the app that was funded via Kickstarter back in December of 2012. VideoLAN is showing interest in taking care of those who have been itching to have this app on Windows 8. Unlike Mozilla, who recently revealed they were killing the Firefox for Windows 8 project due to lack of adoption.

“VLC for Windows 8 is an experimental port of VLC media player for the WinRT platform. VLC media player is an open source application that plays all multimedia file formats, from files, streams and discs on all platform,” the app description reads.

You can hit the download link below to snag the initial release of the app. We will let you know once the update becomes available.