Weave News Reader is back in the Windows Phone store

Weave is a popular news reader app for Windows Phone and Windows 8 that gives you the ability to follow any website or blog. You can either choose from their grouped built-in sources or just search for the ones you want to add. Previously, a French company also called “Weave” filed a complaint against the developers on several trademark issues and because of that, it was pulled from the Windows Phone Store. 

According to Microsoft’s legal policies, the French company had 2 weeks to file a court proceeding which never happened and because of that Weave News Reader is back in the Windows Phone store.

 A question was raised that if the lawsuit was bogus, why didn’t the developers sue the French company for potential lost business? 

“We are definitely trying to figure out if that is an option.  As a small company we don’t have a lawyer on call or a legal team.  As soon as we find a good lawyer to work with that is the first question we are going to ask — whether we can sue for damages”, SelesGames replied.