Windows 8 app highlight: Notepad 8, a simple notepad app for Windows 8 and Windows RT

In this Windows 8 app highlight post, we will go over a useful app currently available for download in the Windows Store. Notepad 8 is a simple yet useful notepad app available for both Windows 8 and Windows RT, for those who have a Surface RT tablet.

notepad8_r1_c1 Windows 8 app highlight: Notepad 8, a simple notepad app for Windows 8 and Windows RT

“Notepad 8, a Windows 8 style version of Notepad. Supported on all architecture (ARM, x86, x64), it works on both Windows 8 RT and Windows 8 Pro. This Notepad is designed to be quick and powerful, allowing the creation and editing of plain text files (*.txt),” the app description reads. The author of the app notes that this app is nearly at version 2 and comes in two different versions, one with ads and one without. Version 2 of Notepad 8 is slated to have font and color changing abilities, as well as the ability to open recent documents and a share option. So far this app is evolving into something nice and useful for those who want to have a “Metro” styled version of the standard Notepad desktop application. Currently, users can open, edit, and save .txt files. You can open files in the app directly from the desktop as well as navigate through the Windows File Picker UI to choose your file. To download this app, hit the Windows Key + Q and search for Notepad 8.

  • Alpha3114 (App Developer)

    Well I never expected my first public release app to get a review! :D Anyway, because I typed this out and forgot to click ‘Post’, I’ll very quickly rewrite what I said before.

    There is currently one well known bug. It affects what appears to be half of the users of this app. I have submitted a fix, expect it to be out in 3-4 days time. Note that, while I’ve tested that fix, and it *should* work, it may not completely solve the issue. Time will tell! :D

    And secondly, based on what I’ve read here, and the reviews I’ve received, I’m no longer going to release a Pro and Free version split. Free will be fully featured, but will contain an ad-unit. An in-app purchase will provide the ability to remove ads! Don’t forget, any issues or comments head over to the app-page at !!
    Have fun with Windows 8,
    Alpha3114 (Notepad 8 Developer)

    • BogenDorpher

      Good work, your app is awesome!