Windows Phone 8 Update 3 brings powered-off charging to some HTC devices

Windows Phone has an interesting quirk — one that has baffled users for a while. Unlike most other handsets it is not possible to charge whilst the device is switched off. This has caused annoyance as it is usually the case that faster charging rates can be achieved with devices that are switched off.

This might sound a bit strange, and it could well be something you’ve never noticed. But plug in your phone, switch it off and it will immediately power back up.

Should your battery completely run out, it will briefly charge until it has enough power to boot, and then the operating system will be automatically loaded.

But owners of HTX 8X and 8XT handsets are reporting that, having upgrade to Update 3, powered-down charging is now possible. Now when powered-down and plugged in, these handsets display a battery icon on screen.

Have you noticed this with your HTC 8X or 8XT? We’d be interested to see if other handset manufacturers follow suit.

  • Ray C

    Every device I have powers back on after charging up a little even charging from completely dead

  • Emi the Strange

    I dont understand why you want to have a phone… and not use it? I mean powering off while charging sounds like… normal. also I remember Blackberry bold 9700 i have does this. becuase again, i dont understand how you want a phone just to have it shutdown while charging. its not because people may call you, but also in todays phones with so many apps and stuff that can be used in the background, its just silly to think why a phone if you want to turn it off while charging.

    • Mark Wilson

      I can understand why some people might like the option to charge without being switched on, although I can’t say it’s something I’m bothered about myself. Faster charging is obviously a big plus, particularly if you find yourself in a situation where you need to charge, don’t have much time, and don’t need to be using your phone right now. It’s probably not an option you’d use every day, but it does have its uses.

    • iuuiihbuubn

      I would like that feature… I have my phone off when I sleep, I for some reason don’t really care if the world is coming to the end when I’m getting my rest. So, it would be nice to just sit the phone in to charger when i go to bed and it goes off and in the morning take it out and it goes on :)