Windows Phone 8.1 SDK files and supporting docs leak to the web

Recently Microsoft released the SDK of Windows Phone 8.1 for select developers. A developer posted about its features on Reddit. Later the same day, we managed to get a hold of that SDK and get some more information on the build. Apparently, a genuine copy of that SDK build and supporting documents are now available on many file sharing websites.

The ISO file of the SDK takes around 2.36 GB of size, and from what we have heard, it works! We obviously will not provide the link, for legal reasons, but for those of you, especially developers who want it, a Google search should do the trick.

Windows Phone 8.1 brings along many awaited and enticing new features. Some of which include, the Universal app, new notification center, a new app for Podcast, and several improvements on the Internet Explorer, Live Tiles and more. You can take a look at our exclusive hands-on video with the build running in an emulator, embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

  • StarEy3

    This is a Microsoft news website and you guys are still talking about Googling stuff, how disappointing, Bing takes a while to get used to, but after you get used to it you never look back, NEVER!

    • Nicke

      I’m 3 years without google. I’m not disapointed.

    • eddmann

      Not bing, nor google; internet or web search. Using names as verbs is ridiculous, IMO.

      • StarEy3

        Unless you say “Search for it on the web”, which sounds about 10000% better

    • Sargon

      Maybe some people don’t feel very comfortable searching for leaked Microsoft stuff via Microsoft’s Bing…

    • Patrick

      Using an OS from one company must not force you to use their search engine. They are allowed to encourage us to use Bing, but they shouldn’t force us. That’s why there is a browser selection even though IE is already installed in Windows

    • Ammar

      The ads running on the website are also through Google. Face it; you can’t avoid Google.

    • Wheezle

      Get over it.

      • StarEy3

        Get over what? I’m just saying, not that it really affects me and besides after all of those antitrust lawsuits against Google i highly doubt that any tech-savvy user and/or anybody that cares for their privacy can trust Google anymore………..

        • Wheezle

          That’s not what you said at all, though. You expressed disappointment because the article said to Google something instead of Bing it. People aren’t going to stop recommending Google just because you happen not to like it.

  • Rayo Verweij

    A new Universal app? I haven’t heard about that one yet… (Universal App Store, maybe :) )