Windows Phone app highlights: My 500px, Ski Blackbox, PinHolder, ToDo Prime, and XBX Music Lockscreen

In these series of Windows Phone app highlight posts, we are going to showcase several apps submitted to us by developers. Why? It’s simple. What better way to say thanks by showcasing these apps! Microsoft’s mobile platform has grown immensely and it is all thanks to the dedicated app developers who spend long precious hours to get their app working and published to the Store.

Without further ado, lets begin by looking at five apps that were submitted to us by Windows Phone app developers. Grab the app, try it out, and leave your feedback in the comments below. Your feedback matters as app developers are reading! Don’t forget to leave a review or rating on the Windows Phone Store too.

XBX Music Lockscreen ($1.99)

“Customize your lockscreen with the pictures of your favorite artists provided by Xbox Music service! Choose among a million of different artist and pictures and give live to your lockscreen! Using the free version of this app you can add up to 1 artist to your collection! This app will periodically change your lockscreen background in order to let you make the most out of it!” the app description reads.

This app is straightforward. If you utilize the Xbox Music service and would like to have your favorite artist on your lockscreen, then this is the app for you.

To-Do Prime (free)

“Get organized with this effective and intuitive To-Do Prime app. This effective to-do list app lets you keep track of everything you need to do and alerts you on set reminders,” the app description reads.

This is a fantastic app that comes with a plethora of features, such as voice notes, scheduling of tasks, reminders and alerts, Live tile support, calendar view, and much more. The app also syncs with your Windows 8 PC as well as your calendar.

This app has received over 180 reviews, with the majority of the reviews being positive. The app was also recently updated to version Grab it and let us know how you like it!

PinHolder (free)

“PinHolder will help you to remember your PINs in any moment. The app starts in a second, so you don’t need to waste your time looking through your notes. The most important thing is that your PINs are protected from stangers glances. Even they can see your Windows Phone screen, they will have no idea what your PIN is,” the app description reads.

PinHolder is a neat little utility that will help you save your PINs, while providing an easy way to bring them up so you can see what they are. This is a very small app that weighs less than a MB and has four reviews so far with all the reviews being positive.

Grab the app and try it out. Let us know if you like using it!

Ski Blackbox ($0.99)

“Do you want to know everything about your day skiing or snowboarding? Check speed, slope angle, altitude, g-force, jumps and much more. You will see your line on a real map of the mountain. You can even see your exact speed, slope angle and altitude during the run by sliding your finger! Get Ski Blackbox for Windows Phone, record your runs and share your stats with your friends,” the app description reads. Here are the key features of this app:

  • Outdoor activity tracking with GPS and accelerometer. Not only gps, Ski Blackbox can detect your jumps too!
  • Record of runs. Save all the information about your season.
  • Ski resort automatic location. Let Ski Blackbox annotate in which resort you are skiing.
  • Map of skiing/snowboarding pistes with OpenPisteMap.
  • Playback of the route in the map by sliding your finger.
  • Upload a gpx file to your SkyDrive account.
  • Share your stats using twitter, Facebook…
  • LineCharts with speed and altitude to know which run has been the fastest.
  • Sounds and vibration when you reach your maximum speed or you jump.

If this app suits you, grab it and check it out. There is a free trial available before purchase. Let us know in the comments below if you like the app.

My 500px ($0.99)

“My 500px is a full feature 500px client with upload capability. My 500px can update your lock screen wallpaper automatically and features 2 live tiles. View your photos, favorites and those of any user. Search for users and images,” the app description reads.

My 500px is a fantastic and beautiful app that has received several updates since it’s release – which tells us the developer is definitely try to make this app as awesome as possible. If you utilize the 500px photo service, this app is the perfect companion. Here are the key features of this app:

  • Upload photos directly from your phone!
  • App live tile will that cycles and updates 9 images from any feed of your choice!
  • My Cycle Tile: A unique live tile with up to 20 images of your choice!
  • Lock screen wallpaper
  • Automatically updates your lock screen wallpaper to feature/category/sort/user photos/user favorites/search
  • Save images to your phone, email and share to facebook or twitter.
  • View your photos and favorites or those of any user.
  • Search by keyword, tag or username.
  • Image and data feed cached for quicker browsing.
  • Follow/Unfollow users, Vote and Fave photos with your 500px account

While there is an official 500px app available in the Windows Phone Store, My 500px offers an alternative taste. If you are looking for a featurefull app, this app is worth trying. You can try the app prior to purchase. Check it out and let us know if you like it.

If you are an app developer and want your app highlighted, simply contact us and give us a short description of your app and provide a screenshot for us to use.