Windows Phone App Studio Beta gets new interface and features in latest update

Are you looking to build your big mobile app? That great idea that will make you a millionaire? We can’t really help you with that, but Microsoft is trying to do so. App Studio isn’t new, but today it receives an update, adding new features to the service, though it is still in beta form.

The company claims the service already boasts 350,000 developers and that more than 20,000 apps have been created using it. “We look forward to more. And we thank you for all the great suggestions you’ve made along the way” claims Microsoft’s Emilio Salvador Priedo.

There is a new user interface that is redesigned to make it more intuitive, and also brings touch capability to the platform. The emulator, too, has been improved, including dynamic text updates to speed things up.

In addition, Microsoft has improved image interaction, adding PNG and JPG conversion and better integration, promising data sources and. There are new templates designed for custom business apps, even the capability of generating a Visual Studio project from your work.

The updates are available right now, and the company is promising to listen to feedback and continue innovation based on what it learns from users.