Windows Phone PayPal app gets all the new bells and whistles, now on par with Android and iOS versions

PayPal has completely refreshed their Windows Phone app. It now lets you do everything you can on the Android and iOS apps. This includes, but is not limited to, in-store payments, locate and redeem offers, check in to pay and order ahead. Additionally, on restaurants that support it, you can view the bill and pay for your meal at the table while on your phone.

The app is available globally and PayPal has stated that it is seeing a large demand for their app in the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany. However, with no public numbers (or approximations) of downloads available in the Windows Phone app store, it is near impossible to let you, our readers, know what exactly they mean by “large demand.”

You can give the app a spin (download link at the bottom). With the functionality now available, the app seems to be complete. The design has followed Microsoft guidelines for Windows Phone, not a mere copy from other platforms. It does seem that PayPal is treating Microsoft’s ecosystem as a first class citizen.

One blemish is that the app is not highly rated in the WP store, getting around 3.5 stars. The android variant has about 4 stars, with the iOS (current) version getting 4.5 stars. That is not so troublesome, as it seems older versions had many complaints. The troubling part are the actual complaints since the update with some users having technical problems and not being able to log in. It is not clear how big this problem is however.

How has your experience been with the app? Does this news make it more attractive to any that had found it lacking before?