Windows Store US market stats: 78.3% of apps are free, puzzle games are popular, and more

Every Sunday, we bring you the last app count for the Windows Store. This week, we saw 162,840 total apps in the Windows Store, worldwide. According to data from our friends at AppFeds, the Windows Store has some interesting stats for the US market.

In the United States, the Windows Store has 129,338 apps and 1,103,650 reviews as of May 26th. The data also reveals that 78.3 percent of apps available in the Windows Store are free, while 21.7 percent of apps are paid.

There are also a bunch of other tidbits in AppFeds’ data. Did you know that 55.2 percent of app developers have only published one app in the Windows Store? 29.9 percent of developers have published more than one app (two to five to be exact). 0.5 percent of developers have published over 100 apps.

Games, Entertainment, and Education are the three most popular categories of apps in the Windows Store, with Security, Government, and Finance being the least three popular categories. There are 26,069 games in the Windows Store (United States), with 8,625 of these apps being Puzzle games. 4,629 of these apps are Arcade style games.

There seems to be a decent split of apps across each platform, with 34 percent of apps supporting x86, 34 percent of apps supporting x64, and 32 percent of apps support ARM.

Recently, Microsoft highlighted the Windows Store trends as of May 2014 and found that Social was the most-downloaded category in the Windows Store. Microsoft has begun to see apps submitted to both stores that take advantage of the new universal apps paradigm, built using Visual Studio. Microsoft is also seeing an increase in developers linking their Windows and Windows Phone apps in both stores for better awareness.