WPC14: Microsoft promises 8-inch Windows tablets for $99 later this year

During the Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) today, Microsoft’s COO Kevin Turner took the stage to talk about Windows and upcoming devices. Turner revealed that Windows tablets (less than 9-inches) would arrive later this year for $99.

Turner also stated that more new Windows devices are set to arrive, thanks to the Windows operating system being free for devices under 9-inch. This information was already known and was revealed during Build earlier this year. But now we are seeing hardware partners take advantage of this offer. 

Interestingly enough, Microsoft was rumored to be launching the 8-inch Surface tablet earlier this year but plans were scrapped. Rumors suggested that Microsoft would launch the tablet once Office for Touch was ready to go. Perhaps an 8-inch tablet from the company is still on the table. If not, there are always other hardware partners that can release a small screen Windows tablet.

The company also quickly showcased a new budget-friendly laptop from HP that runs for $199. In fact, Microsoft also mentioned that a few new devices will arrive from Acer and Toshiba, set to go head to head with Google’s Chomebook. The Chromebook has always been a touchy topic with Redmond, even being the result of numerous Scroogled advertising campaigns.

Turner also highlighted the six main things a Chromebook cant do (see image below). This now begs the question — did Microsoft just admit that Chromebooks are a threat?