WPC14: Windows Phone is the fastest growing mobile OS, sees more shipments than iPhone

During the Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) today, Microsoft revealed some new tidbits about the company’s Windows Phone mobile operating system. There is no denying that this operating system has been working extra hard to not only staple itself as the third place mobile operating system, but also aim to dethrone Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android.

Windows Phone is the fastest growing mobile operating system with a 91% year-over-year growth, according to Microsoft. In fact, Windows Phone is the second top smartphone in 14 different markets. The company also revealed during WPC that Windows Phone has seen more shipments than Apple’s iPhone in 24 markets.

Microsoft also revealed that there are 270,000 apps in the Windows Phone Store, with more than 500 apps being added per day. There are also 4 billion app downloads and counting. Comparatively, there are close to 170,000 apps in the Windows Store.

The company also revealed that there has been a 440% increase in monthly paid app revenue since the launch of Windows Phone 8.

The company also showcased a wide spectrum of Windows Phone devices, starting from the Lumia 521 all the way to the Lumia 1520. The company offers a budget friendly Windows Phone device, which just so happens to be the most popular device worldwide — the Lumia 520/521.

Microsoft also highlighted the new Windows Phone partners, which you can take a look at below. More on this as it develops.