Xbox Live Rewards adds major features, makes it easier to spend your money

Xbox Live Rewards is a program that gives participants Microsoft Points for money they spend. Today, Microsoft announced three new features. You can now track your earnings, achievements, and activities on both the Xbox One and 360 via MyMissions. This involved MyPunchcard, where you can complete punch cards for points.

Microsoft is also including “VIP treatment” which allows you to earn stars. And the more stars you earn, the more rewards you get. Xbox Live Gold members will also get double kickback and 10% back on purchases. 

This trend of rewarding the most dedicated continues with Gold Only Exclusives, which gives gold members premium and exclusive offers. These updates give a lot of incentives for users to spend by giving them points and discounts, and if you’re a gamer we recommend you look into them. You can read about the program and new features here.

You can join the Xbox Live Rewards if you have an Xbox One or 360 and a Microsoft account by signing up here.