Xbox One could explode in popularity as China lifts console sales ban

For the past 14 years, China has implemented a ban on the sale of foreign games consoles in the country. This ban has been temporarily lifted by China’s State Council, meaning that Microsoft will be able to tap into the lucrative market and start selling the Xbox One in the territory.

A statement given to Reuters explains that the lifting of the ban allows “foreign-invested enterprises” to make games consoles within Shanghai’s free trade zone and sell them in China. It is not a completely free ride though, as any company looking to do this will still need to seek permission from the Chinese government.

Very few details have been given about the lifting of the ban, nor about what criteria need to be met in order to receive government approval. The ban suspension is very much in keeping with the announcement made back in September by the Chinese government that restrictions would be lifted.

If Microsoft is able to manufacture and sell the Xbox One in China, there is a massive untapped market available. Obviously there are other console manufacturers who are going to be vying for attention, but it looks as though 2014 could see Xbox One sales increasing dramatically.