Xbox One’s first self-published indie games are Nutjitsu and Worms Battlegrounds

Back in August of last year, Microsoft unveiled the Independent Developers @ Xbox program, or [email protected] for short. This new program was designed to speed up the game publishing process for independent developers on the Xbox One platform.

After over six months since the unveiling, we are finally being introduced to the first two games which will be made available as part of the [email protected] program. These two games are Nutjitsu and Worms Battlegrounds. There isn’t an exact release date for these games, but the [email protected] program is expected to launch during Q1 of 2014, which means very soon.

Worm Battlegrounds will be a brand new game, while Nutjitsu is already available on the Windows 8.1 platform.

“Enter the squirrel! Defy the kitsune samurai who have stolen your clan’s sacred acorns. Sneak through beautifully hand-painted landscapes, avoid capture by the guards, and snatch victory (and acorns) from your enemies. Steal back precious acorns across unique levels as you dodge an ever-increasing number of villainous foxes,” the Windows Store app description of Nutjitsu reads.

More on this as it develops.