Xbox Video for Windows Phone gets faster app startup and faster playback in latest update

Microsoft has rolled out an update to the Xbox Video app for Windows Phone. The update improves the app’s performance and allows for a faster playback for media. If you happen to be a regular user of Xbox Video, grap this app update right now!

The latest app update, which bumps the version number to on Windows Phone 8 and on Windows Phone 8.1, improves the app startup time, and makes the playback for streaming, downloaded, and personal video much faster than before. The update also offers more informative error messages for geofencing and download limit issues. The search results have also been improved.

Hit the download link below to snag the updated Xbox Video app for Windows Phone!

Not to be outdone, the Xbox Video app for Windows 8.1 recently received an update, bumping the version number to The update fixes a bug where movie descriptions weren’t appearing when entering the movie details page from Search or from Top Movies. You can snag this update via the download link below.