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HP's PC division is still alive

HP’s PC division, which was rumored to be spun off by the company, is still alive as the company states in a news release. HP is the #1 PC manufactures in terms of total number of shipped units which... keep reading

Inside the labs at Microsoft, HP and IBM

At Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and IBM, investment in research and development is a reflection of corporate culture. This three-part piece examines the different approaches taken by each of these influ... keep reading

Apple makes big land purchase in Cupertino

At a time when Apple is adding new workers almost as fast as it sells new iPhones and iPads, the pioneering computer maker has made a 98-acre land purchase that will roughly double the size of its hom... keep reading

Intel's Andy Grove on manufacturing in America

Among the scores of fabless chip companies and product design houses in Silicon Valley, Intel is a standout. It's an American high-tech company that not only creates but builds some of the most sophis... keep reading