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Opera 12 Alpha, codenamed Wahoo

Opera Software took the hardware acceleration plunge today with the release of its first alpha version of Opera 12, code-named Wahoo. Opera 12 also gets some other features. Among them: • The ability... keep reading

Happy 20th birthday, World Wide Web!

August 6th 2011 marks a special day in technology history as it is the 20th birthday of the World Wide Web. On August 6th, 1991, a guy by the name of Tim Berners-Lee mentioned a project for organizing... keep reading

AT&T to Throttle Heavy Data Users

AT&T announced today that the company would be throttling the top 5% of its unlimited data users, to ensure proper service capacity to new users. Beginning October 1st, those with unlimited data p... keep reading

Mozilla to build mobile OS for the Web

Mozilla is apparently working on a new project to build an operating system for mobile devices that utilizes applications primarily on the web. The project, called Boot to Gecko (B2G), is Mozilla's at... keep reading

Not Just Dot-Com, But Dot-Yournamehere

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) announced in Singapore today that they will allow nearly any word in any language to be an internet address suffix. The company hopes fo... keep reading

IE9 the best browser? Not so fast

The browser market was already competitive a year ago, but the arrival of IE9, currently in beta testing, has added even more energy to the competition. That's because Microsoft has placed support for... keep reading

Chattanooga claims fastest internet in U.S.

If you want the fastest internet connection in America, it may be wise to skip Silicon Valley and New York. Instead, look to southern Tennessee. The unlikely city of Chattanooga says it began offering... keep reading