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WinBeta is one of the original Microsoft-centered communities founded in 1998. WinBeta has broken numerous stories in the Microsoft community. Yes we are a Microsoft-oriented website. No, we are not affiliated with Microsoft. Our sole intention is to provide you with in-depth Microsoft news coverage, regardless of what platform you are on. Our writing style is also simple and straight-to-the-point. We aim to be unbiased and frequently publish articles that are for or against the company’s actions.

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We would love to hear from you if you know of a hot story that we missed. Simply contact us and give us a short description, title, and url to the story and it will be reviewed by our staff, with credits going to you of course!

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We are glad you have decided to visit our site and/or sign up to be a part of this community, however with every community there are rules that members need to abide by to ensure everything runs smooth. All news images and trademarks mentioned and/or displayed are property of their respective owners. You may use our content, however, you must provide proper attribution by sourcing back to us. This website and our Windows Store app does not share personal information with third parties nor does it store any information about you. This privacy policy is subject to change without notice and was last updated on 2012/12/24. If you have any questions feel free to contact us directly at [email protected].

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