AppFeds goes live, a new online tool for Windows Store app developers

Attention all Windows Store enthusiasts and app developers, our friends over at have gone live with their new online tool as of today. AppFeds is a new online tool aimed at providing statistics, app data, and app discovery.

With AppFeds, you can track the Windows Store and see which apps are trending, as well as see the stats of your published app. You can even review and rate apps directly via the AppFeds website.

“AppFeds is the best way to discover new Windows apps, learn about price drops, view detailed app statistics/ranking history, monitor the store for specific keywords, provide a direct line of communication between app developers and their users, and more!  In addition, we offer enhanced analytics services for app developers such as an API and soon to be complete Analytical Suite.  We also offer promotional tools to help developers expand their user base such as Localization services and the ability to promote on AppFeds,” AppFeds stated in an email to WinBeta.

The primary goal of AppFeds is to provide Windows Store app developers with market trends, app performance tracking, and the ability to analyze the competition. Currently, the service provides tracking for the US market, with more to come soon – especially with the data analysis portion of the site.

With this tool, you can see how many new apps are published each day, number of new apps per category, and marketshare of developers with the most apps. You can even discover which Windows Store apps are on sale. This is a great tool for everything Windows Store.

Head over to the VIA link below to check out the site and be sure to offer them suggestions so the service can improve. Registration is free on the site.