Apple CEO Tim Cook tweets picture of Mac production line, with Windows running in the background

How’s this for funny. Apple CEO Tim Cook has tweeted a picture of his visit at the Austin Texas production line where the Apple Mac Pro is manufactured. “Watching the Mac Pro come together in Austin yesterday,thanks to a team loaded with American manufacturing expertise,” Cook states via a tweet.

The tweet, first spotted by PCWorld, was accompanied with a picture (see above) which clearly showcases a Windows operating system running on an iMac. Now, its not that big of a deal to most people, but it goes to show you that even Apple uses Microsoft Windows to get work done, especially at a manufacturing plant.

It’s not clear what operating system was being used (Windows XP or Windows 7) nor is it clear what software was running on the computer. Of course, it could be software used for electronic design automation or an analysis tool.

Either way, Apple’s PR team probably shouldn’t have disclosed a picture showcasing anything other than their own operating system. After all, Apple is known for taking cheap shots towards Microsoft’s products, especially during the WWDC event where Apple mocked Microsoft for poor adoption of Windows 8 compared to OSX Mavericks.