Beats Music and Video Tuner apps for Windows Phone receive new improvements in latest update

If you happen to be an active user of Beats Music or the Video Tuner app for Windows Phone, there are updates waiting for you in the Windows Phone Store. Both updates offer bug fixes and improvements to the app.

“Beats Music is a new kind of streaming service that combines the best music experts and technology to always deliver you the right music at the right time. All you have to do is hit play,” the app description reads.

Beats Music was updated to version¬† and features the addition of Tune Your Taste, which lets you change your favorite genre and artist recommendations. The update also adds “Verified Badges” so you can see a red check mark next to a legit profile. Various bugs were also fixed in this update.

Video Tuner, on the other hand, allows you to edit your video files before you share them on your favorite social networking sites. The editor allows you to add filters, put a background music to your homemade clips, and add effects like cropping, rotating, flipping, or mirroring the visible frames.

Video Tuner was bumped to version and features a fix to an app crash issue that some users were facing, along with performance improvements.

Hit the download links below to snag the updates.