Bing Travel Beta for Windows Phone is your ultimate travel companion

Bing continues to expand, and the latest addition to the range is Bing Travel Beta for Windows Phone. This free app gives you everything you need to plan a trip, take the stress out of travelling, and to make the most of your destination when you get there. Being a travel app, it should come as little surprise that Bing Travel Beta can be used to check your flight times.

Moving beyond this, the app can also be used to look for hotels and even place bookings. This can be achieved without the need to make a phone call, making it ideal for last minute accommodation needs where speed is of the essence.

Whether you’re heading away on vacation, going on a business trip, or just out for the night, the app can also be used to find nearby places of interest. This includes not only restaurants, but also tourist attractions.

For each of the listings that are displayed you can read reviews from a number of sources to help you decide where to spend your money, and there’s also a travel news section that pulls in stories from Reuters and numerous other sources.

Although this is a beta version of the app, it’s already pretty impressive. Grab yourself a copy using the download link below and see for yourself.