Check out CloudMesh for Windows Phone: one app to manage all your cloud storage accounts

CloudMesh is the new way to manage your Cloud Media on your Windows Phone. The app, which has made its debut to the Windows Phone Store only moments ago, is available for download and offers you the ability to manage all your cloud storage accounts from one single app.

Currently, there is an app by Rudy Huyn called CloudSix, which also offers you the ability to manage your cloud storage accounts. However, CloudMesh is newer and promises a robust arsenal of features. Currently, the service supports Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, MeoCloud, Facebook, Phone files, SD Card, and Microsoft’s Onedrive. The app also acts as a file manager, allowing you to Browse, Copy, Move, Delete, Share, Pin, Download, Upload, and Search files.

“CloudMesh is an app where you can manage all your cloud accounts and local files enabling you to copy them between services. Besides enabling you to manage your cloud data, you can also manage your local file system. You can have multiple accounts of the same cloud service and search between them all,” the app description reads.

Hit the download link below to snag CloudMesh for Windows Phone. The basic version is free, while the Pro version will run you $2.49.

Thanks for sending this in, Nawzil!