Collect your intergalactic heroes and lead them to victory in Arena of Heroes for Windows 8.1

Arena of Heroes is a free turn-based tactics game available for Windows 8.1 which lets you compete in an intergalactic arena. Interestingly enough, this game recommends a keyboard and a mouse, rather than touch.

“Collect your Heroes and lead them to victory in the intergalactic turn-based battle arena! Play in Realtime or Asynchronous modes against your friends and foes, or test your tactics against the A.I. in fierce single-player modes. If you are up to the challenge… climb the PVP Ranks to become a champion of the Arena,” the app description reads.

The Arena of Heroes is where the battle for the Galaxy takes place. There are two sides of up to two players who can select heroes and do whatever is necessary in order to destroy the enemy base. Each team consists of four heroes and specific battles in the arena take place in their own towers. Here are the key features of this game:

  • Epic PVP turn-based tactical combat
  • Expanding line of Heroes
  • Robust community with new content daily
  • Realtime Asynch, and A.I. game modes

Take a look at the video of the gameplay in action below. Hit the download link below to snag the game, its free! Account registration is required on first log-in.

Thanks for sending this in, Steveo!