Costco knocks down the price of Xbox One, customers can save $50 now

Microsoft released the Xbox One to retail last September, following rival Sony’s offering into the market. Since then, new games have launched and a discounted bundle that does not include Kinect has even hit store shelves. But price reductions on the console have been hard to come by, so today’s news from Costco will be welcome to would-be customers. 

The retail giant is knocking $50 off the price of the full bundle — the one that includes the Kinect. For $549, folks can now grab the entire thing — console, Kinect, controller, headphones and even a Forza 5 game for racing enthusiasts. You will even get 12 months of Xbox Live Gold, though that is no longer as necessary as it once was. 

Keep in mind that the base price for the Xbox One with Kinect is $499. For $50 more you can get the bundle, complete with a Forza 5 game and a 12 month subscription to Xbox Live Gold, as part of this deal. Otherwise, the regular price is $599.

Costco, for those not familiar, is a popular warehouse chain in the US, and it does require membership, which entails an annual fee. However, if you are already a member, or have been planning to join, then now is the time to take advantage of a good offer. The company does not list how long the deal will last, but you can grab it right online and have your box in “3-5 days”.

  • StarEy3

    Woooo! $50 It is an epic discount! /s

    • Sam Sabri

      Actually.. it is a really nice deal. For $50 over the new base price, you get Kinect and a game. Good deal

    • arrow2010

      Yeah knock the price down to $1.

      • Rob H.

        I would love to kinect with you ;-)

        • StarEy3

          Wait What?

      • nohone

        This is an article about Xbox. Perhaps if they lower the price of the MacBook to $1 then Apple would actually be able to compete. Of course, then Microsoft would sell a lot of copies of Windows to install on those MacBooks, and Apple should really pay me to get rid of that joke that is OSX. But yes, I think that a $1 MacBook Pro with a high res screen would then be somewhat fairly priced.

  • Backwash

    I don’t see this in their list of bundles online currently. The closest I see to the bundle described in this article is one with an extra controller, Forza 5 and 12 months of xbox live for $550. (

  • Rob H.

    I don’t follow Xbox closely… how does the exclusives situation look?

    • nohone

      At E3 Sony showed a lot of games, but a majority of them were cross platform games. Some of the exclusives they showed will not be shipping until next year. Microsoft showed a lot of games, and there was a mix of platform exclusive and non exclusives, some shipping soon, some later. Microsoft was criticized for redoing Halo 1-4 for X1, meanwhile Sony was going to ship a 10 year old game and a 2 year old game and everyone was excited about it.
      Both platforms are still in their infancy. As much as people would like you to believe the PS4 and X1 have relatively low numbers (compared to PS3 and 360) so game devs are not focusing on them yet. PS4 is doing better, but neither are a failure and both are doing well, one is not that much more powerful than the other, so we will see more games releasing for both over time.

    • Christian Dixon

      Also a lot of the Xbox exclusives (PS4 as well) that were shown at E3 won’t be arriving till late this year or even mid-2015.