Developers can now respond to app reviews in the Windows Phone Store

Just recently, we mentioned that Windows Phone developers would possibly be receiving the ability to reply directly to Windows Phone Store app reviews. As a Windows Phone developer, it is quite frustrating when you see reviews on your apps and you are unable to respond directly to them. Now, Microsoft has unveiled the ability to reply to reviews.

During Build 2014, Microsoft showcased the ability for app developers to reply directly to app reviews. The process is simple and allows for the reviewer to see what the developer has to say about their comment and possibly even update their app rating if necessary. For example, a reviewer will receive the following email from Microsoft (see sample email image below) which states, “The developer for the app Menu Revu has responded to the review you posted on 5/23/2013.” The reviewer will then have the ability to update the review!

This is a huge improvement to the Windows Phone Store, allowing app developers to potentially eliminate unnecessary bad ratings and directly respond to those who are facing specific app issues or bugs. As you can see from the second image below, app developers can directly respond to reviews by simply hitting the “respond” link next to each review in the Windows Phone Dev Center.

As a Windows Phone app developer, how do you like this new feature?