IDC: Windows Phone market share slipped to 2.5% in Q2 2014

New data from the global marketing research based firm IDC is out, and it’s not going to please Microsoft. According to the report, the share of the Windows Phone fell down to 2.5 percent in Q2 2014 — which began on April and ended on June 30th 2014.

While the shipment figures of Microsoft’s mobile operating system powered devices are a bit better than the previous quarter, the volumes however declined from a year ago.

Earlier this quarter we saw several mobile makers announce their Windows Phone-running smartphones. It should be noted that while a few of them have already launched their smartphones, there are many which will ship their devices this quarter. Also not to forget, the much anticipated HTC One W8 is coming out on 19th this month.

Microsoft could expect a better sales figure this time as many new devices will be shipping in this quarter. The Lumia 930 has now also started arriving at new regions. Also, the second quarter typically clocks fewer shipments for majority of vendors and operating systems.

Android has continued its dominance in the smartphone field with a share of 84.7 percent, while iOS slipped to 11.7 percent. BlackBerry on the other hand has continued its struggle, and could only manage 0.5 percent of all the mobile shipments that took place last quarter.