Jeff Teper named as head of corporate strategy, same man who hired Satya Nadella to work at Microsoft

Microsoft has named Jeff Teper (pictured above) as the head of corporate strategy to work in areas such as acquisitions and development. Teper formerly worked as the Office software VP who helped guide that unit’s transition to web-based products. Interestingly, Teper is the man who originally hired current CEO Satya Nadella to work at Microsoft.

Teper was promoted in May and reports to Chief Financial Officer Amy Hood. Teper stated in a recent interview that he was the one who hired Satya Nadella to work at Microsoft back in 1992. Nadella was working at Sun Microsystems at the time when Teper’s team needed someone who could help developers ditch Sun’s server operating system for Microsoft’s Windows NT.

Nadella, on the other hand, became CEO of the company back in February of this year and has been reorganizing his executive team over the past few months. In March, Nadella named Mark Penn as the chief strategy officer, while Phil Spencer was placed as the boss of Xbox. Scott Guthrie replaced Nadella, overseeing cloud and enterprise software.

Teper also led the development of the SharePoint server product, and more-recently led Microsoft to the cloud with the Office 365 service.