Microsoft: Cortana is not coming to the UK this month

Remember a few weeks ago when on of the Windows Phone Product Engineers said that Cortana would be launching in the UK within the next few weeks? Well, it doesn’t look like that’s happening now, according to the official Windows Phone UK twitter account.

Marcus Ash, Group Program Manager for Cortana on Windows Phone told me a few weeks ago that Cortana in places like the UK and China would be happening in “weeks, not months”. This led us to believe that Cortana would see light in these countries sometime this month.

This was further confirmed when another Windows Phone employee said on WindowsPhoneCentral that Cortana would be here in the UK by mid-July at the latest. Apparently that’s not the case anymore.

The official Windows Phone UK twitter account has said today that Cortana would not be arriving in the UK this month, and would in fact be arriving at a later date in 2014. Disappointing news for all indeed, but is all hope lost?

Maybe not. Considering the people who run the Windows Phone UK twitter account are marketing employees instead of actual Engineers, it’s entirely possible that Microsoft hasn’t given the marketing employees a new ETA date. If the engineers have been working on getting Cortana out this month, then it’s still a possibility.

I guess we’re going to have to wait and see what happens. Until then, how do you feel about this sudden delay of Cortana in other countries? Leave us your thoughts below.


    In UK would imagine that in July 2014 we’ll see 8.1 deployed and Cortana deployed with 2nd or 3rd OS update in August/September 2014 as Bing is not even ready for it here, based on other articles once Bing is ready for it we should see a section for Cortana.

  • Dimitar

    What the actual… Damn it, will they never keep a freaking deadline ?
    Like, let’s promise something, nobody will suspect a thing if we don’t follow it…
    I want Quiet hours, and Cortana, and I can’t stand not having them any more… The HTC 8x was a bad decision, should have gotten a Nokia…

    • Christian Gäng

      They hadnt had a deadline. The deadline was set by WP fans.

  • StarEy3

    I think there was a catch to that though, Ash said “Weeks, not Months” which pretty much means nothing, Weeks could be 12 weeks, 4 weeks, anything really

  • doktorkraesch

    I wonder if they will release it as an update for the WP8 developer preview…

  • Gareth

    Oh well, I wouldn’t mind so much if Quiet Hours was unbundled from Cortana.

  • Sargon

    Don’t worry. When they release Cortana for Android it will be available globally.

  • brian tempo

    Microsoft should have delayed 8.1 until the voice assistant was ready, they carry on as though Elvis is making a comeback wait for his latest single. People pay good money for a product that is complete dont they?

    • Sargon

      Are you crazy? They already take AGES to release updates for anything WP related. Delaying WP 8.1 would have been terrible. They simply shouldn’t have announced Cortana at all, until it was ready for at least 10 countries MINIMUM.
      WP8.1 is the first WP that has any chance of competing properly. It shouldn’t be delayed because of cortana.

  • brian tempo

    Yes, they should have kept quiet about Cortana, it is a bit irritating though.

  • Ray C

    I guess it will be ready when it’s ready. But Microsoft is hurting itself by taking so long to do things

    • nohone

      If it is early but has bugs, then they will be criticized. If it is late but works, then they will be criticized. They are being criticized for shipping software with the “Beta” tag, but when Microsoft’s two biggest competitors ship beta software or software that is a “hobby” then they get a pass.

      It makes no difference when it happens, they will be criticized for it.

      • Ray C

        Oh yeah I was going to add that either way releasing something that was buggy or otherwise didn’t work would be the worst thing to do, and that people seem to take the things they don’t like about Microsoft or things they think Microsoft has done wrong so personally