Microsoft increases OneDrive upload file size limit, no longer capped at 2GB

Microsoft has increased the OneDrive file size upload limit from 2GB to an unspecified new maximum, a new report suggests today. Microsoft has also issued a statement confirming the change, but an official announcement has yet to take place.

“As we mentioned on our uservoice, we have started the work to increase the file size limit for all OneDrive accounts,” a Microsoft spokesperson said. “We have started the process with a small number of customers and will continue to roll it out to our full customer base. We will have more to share on this update in the near future, stay tuned to the OneDrive blog.”

This change was first reported by a user on Reddit, and multiple replies to the site as well as Microsoft’s statement confirmed the upload limit increase. It is Labor Day in the United States right now, so we expect an official blog post highlighting this new change to go live likely tomorrow or later this week.

We’re not sure exactly what the new upload limit is, considering Dropbox has an upload limit of 10GB while Google Drive allows you to upload a file 5TB in size! Head over to OneDrive and take this new feature for a test drive. Let us know if you are noticing this new feature. We’re sure it will be a gradual roll out, so be patient!

Thanks for sending this in, David!

  • Philip Vasta

    Google allows 5 TB? I could have sworn it was 5 GB, but I’m gonna go double check. In any case this is good news!

    Edit: Yep, Google’s limit is 5 TB. Holy crap!

    • BogenDorpher

      Sync or upload video files up to 5 TB in size (limited by available storage space)

      • StarEy3

        The problem is that not even with 1TBPS speed would be worth uploading a file that big

        • Alan Lancaster

          Sorry, but that is kind of a stupid example, because with 1TBPS upload (Assuming Tera-Byte/Second) backing up an image of all the PC’s in my household would be very worth it (cloning from ~5 HDD’s would be around 500MB/s)

          • StarEy3

            No, you it wrong, what I meant to say is that is not worth uploading a file that is 5TB in size, one file as a whole, not multiple, if they were multiple files that would total 5TB it would be so very worth it

    • warrior107

      Doesn’t matter. That give only 25 Gb of free space.

      • Philip Vasta

        Sure but the point is that a 2 GB limit is relatively small. I haven’t personally run into it, but if I were sharing home movies or assets for video production, then I would almost certainly hit that limit, and quickly.

    • BreVDD

      If you need to handle 5 TB files you will not upload it to Google Drive – it’s ridiculous.. – you will have your only solutions for sharing those file, probably streaming.

  • robertwade

    So far, my 2.8GB video is not syncing. Maybe the update is a slow-rollout.

  • StarEy3

    YES! I can finally upload 4K movies to OneDrive :D

  • sonicfan1373

    This is a great improvement for us Onedrive users, I can now do full backups with larger files :D

  • Lovable_Hazard

    7.45 GB (ISO) sync started…….10% complete!
    Edit: File uploaded (100%)….

  • chase

    Yes, this makes sense because its going to allow full backups of desktops, systems and virtual desktops.

    • Abster

      Unless the image is 10GB or less you’ll have to split it anyway.

  • Sargon

    It seems OneDrive will finally be a bit more useful.

    • StarEy3

      4K Movies all the way?

      • Sargon

        No. I don’t use cloud for storing personal data. I don’t trust ANYONE with my data, but myself.
        I only use cloud for sharing stuff, but I’ll finally be able to share my archived project files without having to split them into a bunch of different pieces.

        • elvinb

          what’s wrong with using google drive or dropbox to share stuff? is skydrive superior in format support, built-in features, or some other factor?

          • Sargon

            I don’t think it’s superior, but it is integrated into Windows 8.1 and WP 8.1, so I might as well use that. Also I got 140GB of storage for free from various promotions that they do all the time so It’s better for me personally than google drive or drop box or whatever.

            if you’re in the US it’s even better. You can search random stuff on Bing for a little while and then trade your points for 100GB, so everyone in the US can pretty much permanently have 100GB extra….. I wish I could use Bing Rewards…

          • elvinb

            U got a point there, Skydrive is baked into operating system so it is quite convenient to use. is the 140GB permanent space or more like an office 365 subscription that grant a large amount (i.e., 1024GB) for a limited time? if so, then i’m quite envious lo
            And unsurprisingly i’m in same boat as u, looks like u must have a valid US-based physical address to utilise the Bing rewards. I can collect points as normal but other than that there’s not much use for it. If u have any suggestions to bypass this requirement it would be greatly appreciated mr. sargon.

        • StarEy3

          How are movies personal in any way, shape or form?

          • Sargon

            Depends on what you mean by movies. Do you mean something NOT made by me? Like Hollywood and stuff? If that’s the case then they’re not personal I guess, but why would I ever want to upload them to the cloud?

            If you mean videos made by me, then I do consider them personal and I do sometimes use OneDrive to share them with someone, but I still wouldn’t use OneDrive to actually store them there. Once I no longer need to share my videos or other files then I simply remove them from the cloud.

            As I said I use cloud only for sharing, NOT storage.
            Having read the TOS and stuff of OneDrive I know that there’s a much higher chance of my account getting banned (thus losing all my stuff on cloud, all purchased apps, emails, etc.) over something silly, than my hard drive spontaneously combusting. Therefore I’m very selective about what I upload there. Cloud can never replace local storage with conditions like that.

  • Stephen Burton

    Yea. It’s about time. I run some pretty big sql data files which I will finally be able to copy to Onedrive

  • nemoweiss

    I am a writer and happily backing up to my usb pen drive with 16 Gb. Why are they all so eager to poke their noses into my stuff?

    • ehm?

      ehmm NOBODY is forcing you to upload to OneDrive or any other cloud storage….
      it’s YOUR choice. and if you are so tinfoil hat person, why are you even on internet? right now someone might be watching what you do or write… so disconnect immediately and use type writer, because that’s the only way nobody will see your stuff….

      anyway, do you think you are the center of the world and people at Microsoft, Dropbox are desperate about reading your stuff? I wonder, how do you even know they read your stuff? if you don’t share it, nobody can, unless an automatic system detects something illegal like porn or child porn… nobody will care what you do with your cloud stuff.

  • Lovable_Hazard

    iCloud….. You’re DAMNED!!!

  • Vela Xanko

    mhmmm we’ll see

  • Emi

    I tested and the limit in OneDrive desktop and web, it’s 10GB (10737418240 Bytes) once you go 10737418241 it throws the size error immediately.
    maybe for other people (or in the future) the file size limit depends on the plan or GB/TB you have? I don’t know. but for me with a free 28GB OneDrive, 10GB it’s my limit, which I don’t complain about since I will not upload big files like that. but since last week I have been able to upload 2gb+ files (when I tested it since someone said “dropbox is better since it lets you upload bigger files) so it’s been a while since this change for me.

  • HisDivineOrder

    About time. Too bad they didn’t raise the limit to something that won’t seem small in about a year or two. They could have done themselves a favor, put it toward some truly HUGE number that was aggressively forward-thinking, and then they could have been done with this issue for years to come.

    As it is, they’re just kicking the can down the street a year or two.

    • Allard Schmidt

      This limit prevented me from ‘fully’ using OneDrive.. I’m glad the finally upped the limit!