Microsoft wants you to help it with OneNote, launches forums, invites beta testers

On its mission to improve OneNote, Microsoft needs your help. The company has set up two OneNote-centric forums, and is also looking for beta testers for the Android version of the same product.

This is not the first time that the company has appreciated users’ feedback, of course. It constantly listens for your opinions, and even has beta testing programs on its Xbox game console, where gamers can suggest the new features for Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles.

On its forums, you can submit your suggestions, and if you like anyone else’s feedback, feel free to give them a positive nod. “If your suggestion matches an existing one, you can vote for it—you get 10 votes to distribute as you please, and if we fulfill a suggestion you voted for, you’ll get those votes back. Otherwise, you can submit a new suggestion along with a detailed description,” Microsoft said.

Android users can also help Microsoft improve the OneNote app. Also, needless to say, if you participate, you will  be able to know about and enjoy the new features before anyone else. You can sign up for the program via the link below.