Microsoft warning customers of retirement of older versions of Skype

If you use Skype on your phone or tablet, and many people do, then Microsoft has sent, or will be sending, you a warning. The company plans to begin retiring older versions of the communications service, and is letting customers know that its time for an upgrade. 

Unlike most apps, at least on Android, Skype does not update automatically when a new version is released. Therefore, the user will need to manually install the latest version from the relevant app store. The email from Microsoft reads: 

“We are now retiring older versions of Skype and it appears that you’re currently using one of these. To continue signing into Skype on your mobile or tablet, you’ll need to download the latest version. The new version comes with improved performance, the latest features and security updates, so you’ll get the best possible Skype experience”. 

The company gives directions for customers to take care of this — “It’s easy to do — all you need is to follow the instructions for the platform you’re using”. You will, of course, need to know your login information for the service.